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If you only need scales during inventory or peak-use periods, a Central Carolina Scale rental plan may be the right solution for you. You also save maintenance and storage costs while selecting the exact scales needed from our extensive inventory. We can help you choose the right scale choices for your individual rental requirements. The results will help you achieve an accurate and efficient physical inventory.

Rent Scale systems ranging from 1 lb. to 5,000 lb. capacities.

Counting ScaleCount even the smallest items!
Portable Scale
4 x 4 Floor Scales
1000 lb. Portable Counting Systems
5000 lb. 4'X4' Platforms

Call today to set up an accurate and trouble free inventory this year!

(919) 776-7737


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We have scales for everyone. Here's just some of the uses:
Airline baggage scales, Animal scales, Baby scales, Analytical Balances, Industrial Balances, Top Load Balances, Barcode printers, Batching systems, Bench scales, Body fat scales, Bucket loader scales, Cat scales, Check weighing scales, Conveyor scales, Counting scales, Crane scales, Data collection, Dial scales, Doctor scales, Dog scales, Drum scales, Drum filling scales, Dump truck scales, Force & Torque Measurements, Floor scales, Food scales, Fork lift scales, Front loader scales, General purpose scales, Gram scales, Health scales, Hospital scales, Hospital bed scales, Hospital chair scales, Hostile environment scales, Intrinsically safe scales, In-motion scales, In-motion conveyor scales, Jewelry scales, Lab scales, Onboard scales, Medical scales, Mechanical scales, Mechanical balances, Mechanical hanging scales, Physician scales, Postal scales, Portion control scales, Price computing scales, Price computing label printing scales, Printers, Rail scales, Scale indicators, Scale software, Shipping scales, Spring scales, Top loading scales, Truck scales, UPS scales, Wheel chair scales, Wheel loader scales, Weigh In-motion scales, Wheel chair scales and more !

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