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Serving North Carolina for over 20 years

Lab Scales, Truck Scales, Floorscales, Produce scales, Tank Scales, Counting scales, and loadcells

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Scale companies in North Carolina and throughout the southeast have come to realize that Central Carolina Scale, Inc. is a leader, committed to providing quality weighing products from Produce Scales to Truck Scales, Loadcells, Replacement parts and high-quality service to its customers that meet or exceed requirements and expectations.

Our knowledgeable technicians are certified by the State of North Carolina. We have a scale service fleet of 6 small trucks for labratory scales and 3 heavy-duty test trucks.

We are one of the few scale companies in North Carolina to have 2 test trucks with certified weigh carts. Which means that Central Carolina Scale is equipped to check small lab balances all the way up to the Rail Road Track Scale. We stock a large inventory of items to service your equipment as well. Competitive hourly rates and special hourly rates for our service agreement customers are also standard.

Our Technicians will certify your equipment and leave your scale with a certificate, and calibration sticker on when your scale is due for calibration again.

Outstanding Service ...Our technicians are certified to check Lab Balances, Bench Scales, Floor Scales, Produce Scales, Mechanical Scales,& Truck Scales. We also service Hopper Scales, Batching Scales and Tank Scales.

Exceptional Sales and availability customized to your individual needs ...Central Carolina Scale, Inc. carries a wide variety of manufacturer's scales such as: Cardinal/Detecto, CMI, Digi, Flex Weigh, GSE, Rice Lake, Thurman.

Rental...We can provide quality rental scales to our customers from 1 lb. to 10,000 lb. Choose from Portable units and/or 4'X4' platforms.

Speedy Equipment Repair / Excellent selection and availability of Replacement Parts

Reliable Loaner Equipment

Please call us at (919) 776-7737 for a free estimate or for more details.


Central Carolina Scale, Inc...Lab Scales, Loadcells, Truck Scales...Serving North Carolina for over 29 years

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