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DC-190 Ultra Series Portable Counting Scale

The DC-190 Series Counting Scale provides high accuracy performance with a weighing resolution of 1/10,000 and an internal counting resolution of 1/1,000,000. User accuracy is enhanced with features like three bright fluorescent displays that show weight, unit weight and quantity simultaneously, as well as full function numeric keypad.

Three RS-232 ports allow connection to peripherals such as bar code laser or pen scanners, bar code printers, ticket or tape printers, and a PC. Furthermore, ULTRA-COUNT software provides real-time accurate data transfer and network communication, and custom label formatting.

The indicator can be unlatched from the base for pole, wall mount or remote use. Battery operation supports remote platforms with up to 4 load cells each.

Available w/ a single platform, capacities from 1-100 lbs. Also, available w/ dual platforms, capacities from 1 lb. & 10 lbs up to 2.5 lbs. & 100 lbs.


DC-180 Counting Scale

The DC-180 Series Counting Scale is a high-resolution portable two-channel counting scale. The additional channel allows a separate platform to be attached for heavier, larger-sized items. Specifically designed to work in remote locations, the DC-180 is AC or battery operated with three bright fluorescent displays, and is easily visible in any lighting condition.

The DC-180 also includes set point alarms and lb/kg conversion from the keyboard. Perfect for the factory floor or warehouse cycle counting operations, the DC-180 is lightweight yet rugged, and is suitable for all portable applications. It operates as a single or two-channel scale, and features an internal battery charger and battery saver timer.

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DIGI Counting Scales

DC-688 Series Portable Counting Scale

The DC-688 displays the perfect blend of ruggedness for industrial environments and portability for operator convenience. A full-function keypad and unit weight preset keys provide negative sampling and counting capabilities. Operators can easily read weight, unit weight, and quantity values on the scale’s high-contrast display, conveniently positioned in front of the platform.

The DC-688 features an enduring battery life of more than 1000 hours, and a programmable auto power-off function that conserves energy when the scale is left idle for a specified period of time. Although its wide platter can accommodate items up to 60 lb, the DC-688 weighs in at under 9.7 lb, making it easy to transport with or without its optional carrying case.

Available Capacities: [6 X .001 lbs.] [15 X .002 lbs.] [30 X .005 lbs] or [60 X .01 lbs.]


Countingscales by CAS

CAS SC-Series
Counting Scale

5 Digit Unit Weight for Precision Counting

1000 Item Memory with Tare Accumulation

High Internal Resolution(1/100,000)

Easy to Read VFD Displays

Stainless Steel Platter

Auto Span Adjustment

Auto Zero Tracking

Capacity Options: [10 X.002] [25 X.005] or [50 X.01] lbs.

Counting SCALES by Cardinal Detecto


Cardinal 2240 Counting Scale

One standard benefit of the 2240 is the two separate displays; one for weight, the other for piece count and data input. This means that both weight and count can be viewed simultaneously.

The “QuickCount” feature incorporates four, brightly colored “QuickCount” keys that are centrally grouped for accessibility. This feature invites fast and easy basic counting operations - only COUNT, SAMPLE, ZERO and PRINT keys are active.

A second scale input allows the 2240 Counting Scale to be connected to a remote scale. The remote scale can be used either as the sampling scale, the bulk scale, or both.

This unique counting scale retains the last average piece weight and automatically recalculates the average piece weight when the sample size is changed. It stores up to 300 ID numbers each with its own tare weight, average piece weight, and accumulator.

2240 Features
Dual display for count and weight
Second scale input standard
QuickCount keys for simplified operation
Battery power mode standard

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