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As a customer focused weighing scales company with a problem solving approach, we at Central Carolina Scale provide practical and economic solutions to your weighing scale requirements. A high quality and innovative product range, coupled with trained, committed staff enables Central Carolina Scale to offer the right scales with superb after sales service.

Central Carolina Scale is an independent specialist supplier of weighing scales to virtually every kind of business.

Whatever your weighing requirements, our aim is to advise you on suitable equipment best likely to fulfil them.

Do you retail food products or supply building materials? Do you need to count hundreds of mechanical parts? Do you need to weigh tiny components with extreme accuracy? Do you need to weigh trucks loaded with your valuable material?

Central Carolina Scale will not only supply the correct scales for you at an extremely competitive price, we'll also make sure that it continues to perform for years to come. Sales, Service, and Rentals. Come on in and visit our site.




























Central Carolina Scale, Inc...Lab Scales, Loadcells, Truck Scales...Serving North Carolina for over 20 years

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